NFR 2022 - WHEW!

Vegas 2022 💋
Let’s start by saying WHEW! We made it home from the craziest 2 weeks in Vegas! From the trek down there to the drive back home, these past couple weeks have been filled with memories (not all fun ones 🫠).
Margaritaville, watch parties at the Mirage, The Piano Bar, Taco Bell Cantina, 10 days of sales, 250,000+ shoppers, a bottle of ibuprofen, seeing lots of friends from home, and many different outfits with glitter, this trip goes down in the memory books. ✨♥️
Thank you to EVERYONE who made this trip a success - whether you shopped, came by to visit, or shared your love on here back at home, I want to personally thank you! ♥️
Here’s a little glimpse of our trip 🤭
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