Collection: Equithrive

Developed with care. Backed by science.

Equithrive is built on science and compassion. If you believe in products backed by scientific research, Equithrive is the company you can trust to support the health and performance of your horses and pets.


Yes, it's true. The animal nutrition market is littered with products that are not what they say they are, because in reality, they don't have to be. Put some bottom-of-the-barrel ingredients together, add in some palatable fillers, slap a label on the container with comforting claims like "Veterinarian recommended!" or "All-nat-u-ral!" or "Certified organic! GMO Free!" and "Improves everything immediately!" You've seen them all. 

Fact is, unless it's a drug requiring FDA approval, there are very few standards for animal nutritional products on the market, how and where they are made, marketed, and what's actually inside the stuff you're putting inside your horse. And there's a lot of stuff. Shelves full of stuff. Literal truckloads of stuff. Stores filled end-to-end with vitamins, minerals, pain relief, muscle builder, weight loser, calming solutions, dapple enhancer, a little of this, and little of get the idea. 

Our mission at Equithrive is to make this whole song and dance a little easier on you, and much more beneficial to your horses. We're in this for the long haul, have been since 2008, and if you're going to be in it for that long, you'd better make good products. 

So that's what we do. 

Not just good products, but products that are independently analyzed to ensure your horse is getting exactly what it says on the label; and scientifically tested to prove that, you know, it actually works on horses and not, say, mice. Products that are produced and packaged right here in-house. (You should stop by next time you're in the Lexington area. We'll give you a tour and a hat. Maybe even a snack from the fridge.) 

What's the secret to our success? Well, this guy, for one.

Dr. Patrick Lawless began his career as a biopharmaceutical research scientist, working specifically on anti-inflammatory compounds. A scientist by trade but an animal lover at heart, Dr. Lawless decided to switch course and apply his research and knowledge to animal health. And let me tell you, the man is a master formulator. (He is also modest and would never make such a claim personally, but the proof is in the products. Credit where it's due, Dr. Pat.) Around here, every ingredient has a purpose.

This commitment to science, quality, and compassion for animals fuels the whole shebang and is the cornerstone of everything we do. You see, it's easy to make unfounded claims about a product. Too easy. But you know what's even easier than that? Letting your product speak for itself.