Elite Collection X - Rosemary Shoulder Bag - Turquoise Arroyo w/Saddle & White Fringe

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“Rosemary” is the newest addition to the Rebel Rose collection ♥️ this slouchy, hobo style bag is truly the perfect handbag. It holds so much stuff and is also a trendy bag 👏🏻

I was inspired by a bag I saw recently and had to make one, with my own added “spice.” 😉

Love this bag and carry mine daily, you’re going to want one too!

This bag is made from our favorite saddle leather and the most beautiful Turquoise Arroyo Pendleton® Wool Fabric. The Saddle and white fringe, along with the classic white buckstitching make this bag truly a beauty.  The strap has the Pendleton® Wool Jacquard Inlay and white buckstitching to match.

12.5” x 14” x 5.5”

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